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Design, graphics and programmings (xHTML, flash, mySQL, php, Javascript, AJAX, ...) of this web site is 100% done by me except what is in reference below. If you want to use some parts of this web site, send me a quick e-mail to tell me that your are happy and don't forget to put my web page address in your links page.

I take the opportunity to say thanks you to some people for sharing your works. Here the credits:

Also, many thanks to all for your support. Stay Tune...

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I reserve the right to erase or edit all informations on this site without notice.

I have taken all effort to acknowledge works by others, however if you feel I have violated or taken any work without due acknowledgment, please contact me as soon as possible.


I don't take any responsabilities of everything is written on this site. I share those information only for entertainment.

If you try to replicate any actions or explanations on this site, it's your own responsabilities. In this case, you cannot blame anyone other than you.

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