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The Project Car - 510SR

The idea of this project is very simple. Instead of using word to try to explain, let's talk pictures. You take this:

You add this:

and you get this:

...easy !!! ;)


Second and third pictures have been taken from a very talented artist on the web. Please fell free to visit his home page at ©Dangeruss

Project section

Definition Cars target Ideas Modifications Technical Info.

Project section

Definition Cars target     510 Red Time Attack    Mario Lozano's    McKinney Motorsports    Internet Unknow Ideas Modifications Technical Info.

Last Status

S27 - Wireframe Engine New!

'Old' Status

S00 - Original S01 - Shoot Out S02 - Japan S03 - Japan to Qc S04 - Delivery S05 - 510 Interior S06 - S15 & 510 S07 - S15 S08 - S15 S09 - S15 & 510 S10 - S15 S11 - S15 S12 - S15 S13 - S15 S14 - S15 S15 - 510 Engine S16 - 510 F. Crossmember S17 - 510 R. Crossmember S18 - 510 S19 - Toolings S20 - Brackets & SR20DET S21 - 510 Suspension S22 - 510 Rotisserie S23 - RCM Body Fit #1 S24 - RCM Body Fit #2 S25 - RCM Body Fit #3 S26 - Body work

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