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When the new STi (2004) was available in North America, It's was in my plan to get one. But, it's always the same thing, how I can do the things different. The JDM STi version 8 with the red line at 8250 rpm is very attractif if we compare to the low rev USDM STi 2.5. One night to surfing on the net, I found this:

The ChargeSpeed Body Kit V1 was the answer to all my questions. The equation of this project is simple. You take this :

You add this

and you get this:

The project is to replicate the Impreza Sedan STi, but in a Wagon format. The body kit was a big issue in this project because is designed for the sedan and not for the wagon body. The rear end of the sedan is very different of the Wagon. See the side status for more informations (status) on this 'old' project.

'Old' Status

S00 - STi v8 Motor S01 - Buy a Car S02 - WRX Motor S03 - Clean Under the Hood S04 - Engine Inspection S05 - Body Shop In S06 - Parts and Motor Prep. S07 - Body Shop Out S08 - STi Engine Installation S09 - Motivation Session S10 - Brake, susp. and Eng. S11 - Esthetics Activities S12 - Ready for Inspection S13 - Car Fever Exposition S14 - Photo Shoot S15 - Pimp my Wagon

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